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It’s time, my friends, to spark a movement of Strengths; in every home, in every school, in every community, in every state, in every nation, across the world.”

Paul Allen – Founder & CEO

Soar will be the world’s on-demand coaching platform.

Your mission as a coach is important. You are a powerful individual but imagine what you could do in a community filled with other coaches who share that mission! As you are changing lives with your coaching, we want to help you reach more people and create lasting impact!


More clients at your fingertips.

We know you. Let us find the perfect client for you, based on your Strengths, expertise, location, and other important factors. Great coaching relationships start at

Coach with greater impact, every day.

Knowledge is power. As we match you to the perfect client, we help you build lasting, impactful relationships with those you coach.


Get paid when you grow the community.

Being a part of a community with a common purpose is great. Getting paid for helping to grow that community is even better. Did you know that you can earn recurring income by bringing others to


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